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Winter wear Laundry & Drycleaning by DipDap Laundry

Winters in Dubai are ridiculously different from summers here. If you haven't experienced both, you haven't seen the most contrasting and dramatic season transitions ever!

While summers in Dubai call for staying indoors, wearing light and bright colours and breathable fabrics, winters in Dubai call for jumpers, sweaters, jackets, pullovers and even scarves when it's windy! As October begins, the temperatures start dropping and November, December, January & February bring beautiful days and nights with them.

But of course, woollen and knitwear brings with it a load of challenges. Dust, sand and hair being stuck in them, food stains that are even more tough to get out, and that old woollen smell that no one likes! Winter wear is amazing when it is fresh, fragrant and super soft. So here are tips by DipDap on how you can take care of your precious woollen fabrics, sweaters, jumpers, jackets, thermal wear, knitwear, socks, scarves and even gloves:

  1. Get them out in October. We know you probably store winter wear deep inside your wardrobes throughout summer but the mid of October is a good time to get them out, let them breathe and get them drycleaned! Always a good idea to dryclean your woollens way before you wear them. That way they're fresh and fragrant anytime the temperatures drop!
  2. Gentle wash them! If you choose to do winter wear laundry at home make sure you use a gentle detergent and fabric softener. Probably use the ones made for woollen fabrics. Always use cold water to wash them. And try to air dry them instead of leaving them in the sun. While simple wool and knit wear will do fine in the sun, faux fur, leather, and other materials won't do well with steep temperature changes. And they need to be dried well before you stack them in the wardrobe to avoid mold! Yuck!
  3. Stains of any kind need to be washed soon! Make sure you grab a wet cloth and get rid of stains before they stick and get them drycleaned by us soon! The sooner the better here!

Moving on, here is our curtains and drapes drycleaning / washing process:

  1. Inspecting: To check if there’s any wear & tear and any tough stains on your jumpers/jackets and woollens so we can inform you beforehand
  2. Sorting: So that we do not mix leather with faux fur - you get it!
  3. Chemical Treatment: For the woollens with the most oil build up and tough stains, so that they’re stainfree before the actual laundry/ drycleaning process
  4. Gentle wash: For fabrics that are delicate and need extra love
  5. Sanitize: Always, because that’s what Covid-19 taught us! DipDap = Laundry + Sanitization!
  6. Deliver!: Our Dapper Laundry Delivery men are glad to see your smiling faces when they deliver fresh and fragrant winter apparel back to you!

DipDap Laundry's scarves washing and drying

Scarves made of wool, felt or any material, need gentle washing & drying.

Winterwear drycleaning by DipDap Laundry

Colorful jackets, hoodies & sweaters require cold water & fabric softeners to preserve their fabric.

knitwear/crochet drycleaning

Crochet and knitwear absorb oil and grime super easy, and are best drycleaned on a regular basis!

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