Wash & Fold

DipDap Laundry’s Wash & Fold Service

While a lot of our clothes need to be prim and proper, i.e., pressed/ ironed to perfection, a larger part of our laundry is made of casuals, innerwear, loungewear and activewear that do not need ironing/ pressing. Hence, our Wash & Fold service.

Just hand over your piled up laundry to our Dapper who’ll come to pick it up and we’d love to deliver you freshly laundered clothes that are neatly folded.

Here’s what you have to do to avail our Wash & Fold Laundry Service:

  1. Put all your laundry in a bag
  2. Drop us a WhatsApp message/ call us on +971 585927959
  3. Schedule a pick up (Contact-less pickup is an option!)
  4. Give our delivery Dapper instructions (if any)
  5. We’ll inform you when your clothes are ready
  6. We’ll deliver them! (Contact-less delivery available!)
  7. We’ll even drop our bags with you for next time - so you only have to fill them up and tick the laundry/ drycleaning service you wish to avail

We promise you freshly ironed/ pressed clothes and premium quality laundry along with a hassle-free & timely service and smooth communication! For more information, feel free to go through our website or simply message us!

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