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DipDap is an on-demand laundry app, started by a team of enthusiastic friends.

As a bunch of people who have always been excited at the thought of starting a business and solving day-to-day problems for people, team DipDap used to often meet to brainstorm new ideas. It was during one of these sessions that they realized how laundry has been left out in this era of technological evolution and that there is a very strong need to bring about a revolution in the laundry industry.

Right from logistics, quality control & inventory management to the actual processing of clothes, a technology intervention will gradually help us build an efficient, high quality, reliable, and more affordable laundry experience.

Further, team DipDap also realized & acknowledged common issues with regards to the quality of service, timely delivery, lack of or delay in communication, misplaced items, haphazard pricing, and more. It was time to address these everyday laundry problems.

Our Mission - Quality Laundry Service in Dubai

Our mission is to make laundry a peripheral daily chore and not let it take the center stage of your day. This is achieved by making it accessible, affordable, and high quality. Through technology intervention, we also want to bring about efficiency in the process by eliminating the defect rate, improving the time of service, and reducing running costs through automation. We aim to pass on these benefits to the customer, thereby making premium high quality laundry more affordable for everyone.

Yes, we truly believe, Laundry is for Everyone!

Services Offered

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As an on-demand laundry app, DipDap offers washing, pressing/ironing, and dry-cleaning services for clothes, linen items, shoes, and varied leather products.

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  • Value for money
  • High quality service
  • Simplified and affordable pricing
  • No delivery fee or hidden costs
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